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 Its time to review the Technology of the past that made today possible!

CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc)



Its early 80's Home Video was just being invented there was no Laserdisc (See Below) there was no DVD, but there was CED. Hard to believe but true!! Imagine a 12inch LP record played with a needle but actually plays video and sound!


The world of CED


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Sinclair TVs King Of Retro

Before DVD there was the 12 inch version! LASERDISC!!!



If you don't mind getting up half way through movie to flip the disc and you got the space get one now! (Check out Ebay) Rare music discs are a must have (like Kate Bush never released on DVD)


Everything you need to know


 Lets Not Forget BETAMAX

All The Satellites and all the channels can be found here!


Sat News


King Of Sat


Find The Satellite

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